Wedding Events

Manors not only offer the perfect setting for a wedding, many also provide overnight accommodation packages, allowing you to stay at the venue the night before.

These luxury packages let you spend your last night of single life experiencing gourmet foods and fine wines, the ideal alternative to a night out on the town! You can purchase your hen night accessories in advance and take them with you so that you can still enjoy some fun time with the girls and make sure that you have a night to remember.

A stay at the wedding venue also means that you can have the wedding and bridesmaid dressed delivered in advance to make sure there are no last minute glitches. To ensure that your wedding parties attire remains in pristine condition during transportation, you can purchase wedding dress covers – these are used in professional wedding boutiques so provide extra peace of mind.

Finding the right wedding flowers is always one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. If you’re planning a manor wedding, it is always a good idea to view the room where you will be married so that you can get a better understanding of where flowers are needed to decorate the room and also, any colour schemes which you will need to match with your bridal flowers and button holes.

Some popular choices for decorating a manor wedding hall are arches, columns and swags. These floral arrangements not only look stunning in the grandness of a manor, they also smell delightful as you take your vows.

If you’re holding your wedding reception at the manor as well, these floral designs can be carried across to create stunning centre pieces for the tables. Why not add some wedding favours to the table to greet the guests as they arrive for their meal, this little gift is not only a sweet touch to thank your guests for attending your special day, they also make great keepsakes for the more sentimental members of your party.