Music Events

Both the indoor and outdoor properties of a manor make it perfect for entertainment events. Spacious indoor architecture flatters acoustic music performances, while outdoor facilities often reserve seating and platforms for local festivals and shows. Many even hold plays and performance art pieces, while arranging concerts and shows for local or relevant charitable events. The secluded acres of land that lend manors their elegance also transform their space with the ideal isolation and insulation for sounds, performances, and theatrics.

Most manors offer their own resident DJs and related contacts, but very few in-house services are going to be utilised for a music event. In this the staff and services are stripped down to leave the picturesque location and wide, accommodating concert spaces indoors and outdoors as the main incentives for holding a performance. Most venues will not provide the music equipment so DJ gear such as mixers and speakers will need to be provided by the musician. If performing at an event it’s also best to get professional equipment so the sounds are the highest of quality. Music can be enjoyed just as well under the chandeliers as under the stars, but scheduling can become complicated depending on the needs of the event and the venue’s scheduling.

The stage of a large manor is a beautiful venue, but the technical services are often underwhelming compared to the preparatory talents of more traditional concert halls. It’s recommended that planners employ outside services, although some might have talented referrals that can be purchased at a discounted price. The technical side of many modern music festivals outpaces the services of most types. In-house services typically begin and end with catering, scheduling and wait staffing, which means that most will not have a qualified set up team to prepare the speakers, microphones and other equipment.

Food is also a major factor in music events. You can rent kiosks that serve snacks like hotdogs, ice cream, and chips. You can have one of the best gelato shops in London at your event with Wafflemeister. They also offer thick shakes, milkshakes, ice cream, and waffles–perfect for event goers.

Create a fun centre-piece at your event with a fabulous selection of alcoholic beverages presented in stunningly designed bottles such as crystal head vodka, Patrons black coffee infused tequila or even a pink lustre bottle of Armand de Brignac Brut Rose Champagne. For convenience, why not order alcohol online – whether you need one bottle or a complete case, buying online is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure your event is the most stylish around!

Seating and arrangement services may be provided by the manor staff, but festival owners and bookers should take their own precautions to book a surveying appointment to oversee the relevant indoor or outdoor arena, and familiarise themselves with the required steps to transform a gorgeous ballroom into a classic concert hall, or a garden stage into the next showing of a Shakespeare play. A number of performing arts and summer schools in Leicester, Melton Mowbray, and Burton on Trent conduct their year-end productions in our ballroom and garden stage. The same goes for other theatre schools in the area. Music events are not quite as popular as corporate and wedding events, lending a slight lack of services in comparison, but capable planners shouldn’t let that dissuade them from choosing this elegant stage for any performance.