Corporate Events

Weddings don’t get the run of the house in manor services. Many of the same attributes that make manors the ideal settings for marriage ceremonies are also making them increasingly popular choices for corporate venues that use large ballroom and foyer spaces to seat presentations, large get-togethers and other important meetings. We have expert space planning designers that can create bespoke blueprints for your event. Catering services feed employees during the event, while music events can entertain the less formal occasions, and wedding photography services make easy transitions into professional photographers who can capture every triumphant moment.

Corporate events help to gather together the relevant talents in any given company to celebrate their accomplishments and align company mottos through presentations, speeches and award ceremonies. These events help to foster a sense of unity and teamwork that can be missing in a professional context, and though many corporations end their celebrations on a serious note of business, the proceedings are always designed to be encouraging, inspiring and fun diversions that can help corporations gather their stats and applaud the hard work of their employees.

Just like the average wedding ceremony, the average corporate event will need to maintain a certain standard of promise and prosperity that manors excel at offering in every piece of hand crafted furniture, hand-detailed statues and carefully manicured garden displays. While a scenic walking path through outdoor gardens makes for a romantic stroll for newlyweds, these same outdoor amenities serve as relaxing and wealthy backdrops for CEOs, supervisors, managers and corporate partners to enjoy themselves in a peace and quiet removed from the bustle of crowded business streets. Cater services can serve and refresh employees with resident wait staffs. Unused ballrooms, concert halls and other indoor facilities can serve as passing entertainment for those business people who want to loosen their ties and socialise. These get-togethers can provide anything from soothing classical violins to motivational rock songs that give some backbone to any business presentation.

Although many venues will be able to recommend or provide their own catering and space, corporations should make sure to procure the necessary equipment for any presentation. Exhibition banner stands and designs would need to be coordinated for proper measurement and placements. If you need such services, we have design agency partners in South London that we highly recommend. Projections, computer hooks ups and display stands may need to be provided by third party operations, while the necessary seating and furniture should always be arranged by the manor or an approved subsidiary or partnership. Folding chairs would be perfect for a corporate event as they are quick to set up, put away and creates space for a large amount of seating. Portable staging are also highly used for conferences and presentations. Clients are usually allowed to bring in their own people upon request, although many venues offer discounts for using pre-approved services.

But most corporate venues offer music and food services — what sets manors apart from other venues will always come down to the aesthetics and iconography behind the building itself. Professional photographers that capture corporate photography utilise the look of the buildings to situate their snapshots, for there are few widely available venues that communicate the promise of a corporation more than the symbol of a manor.

Manors themselves have a longstanding association with wealth and success. It’s tempting and cheap to rent out a hotel presentation hall for an inexpensive alternative, but whether the corporate event is a celebration or a call to arms, its professional purpose will always be aided by the kind of upscale backdrop that manors present. Marquees can lend a sleek sheen to business scheduling and preparations, while large event halls can reverberate the quietest CEO into a commanding voice for presentations. Outdoor gardening facilities, seating, and stages can also be transformed into use for business presentations, although any outdoor presentation will be dependent on the weather and rainfall.