Birthday Events

Planning a birthday event can be fun and even exciting. Some planners like to get others involved in the process and some prefer to take the venture on by themselves. When it is a child’s birthday party, children enjoy getting involved and having a say in what the theme is, where it should be held and who should be invited. However, there are a number of things that need to be considered when planning any celebration even, regardless of the party’s recipient.

The age of the recipient. This is a very important part in event planning. It is necessary to keep the event age appropriate. For instance, when putting together a party for a child, one needs to think about age appropriate entertainment, such as a childrens entertainer. Some popular ideas for a childrens entertainer are magicians, clowns, children’s bands or even someone dressed up as the child’s favourite TV or film character. It all depends on what the child enjoys and what would also be enjoyable for the guests.┬áMany entertainers for childrens parties such as Create and Play can provide lots of fun and activities for them to enjoy. This could include balloon modelling, face painting, dancing, singing and classic party games.

On the other side of the spectrum, if the recipient is having a 21st birthday party, the entertainment should be quite different. Depending on the individual’s personality, the celebration for them may include alcohol, dancing and other adult entertainment, such as a strippergram. The strippergram can show up to entertain all of the guests or it can be sent to the individual’s home at a different time. Some companies can provide birthdaygrams who put on a special show for the person. Both male and female strippers will be available and are a great way to add some fun into the event. Also perfect for a hen or stag party surprise. Either way, entertainment such as this sets the precedence for the atmosphere; it will amp the party up and keep everyone excited for what is to come next.

Location. A birthday event should be held somewhere convenient for the planner, the party recipient and the guests. Should one decide to hold a destination event, where it is held in a resort or exotic location, perhaps also consider providing travel accommodations for the guests. An interesting location would be a manor; some are available to rent for such occasions. Manors boast a large space that is decadent, stylish and gives the celebration a fantastic atmosphere. They also tend to have a large amount of space around the manor itself, leaving room for garden parties or other outdoor festivities. Birthdays for any age can be held here, as they allow for such a variety of festive party options.

The time of year. The theme and location of the party are highly dependent on the kind of weather during the time. One held in the summer can be outdoor, such as a pool party or a barbeque, while one held during the cold winter months would have to primarily be an indoor event. A fun way to spend time at a birthday is go karting. There are areas specially created and designated for the sport, so all of the guests would be kept safe while enjoying a thrilling experience. If there is a go karting facility nearby that is indoor, this type of event could be held at any point throughout the year.

One of the best tracks to visit in the UK is Top Gear Karting, based in Durham. Perfect for hen and stag parties as well as birthday events. Enjoyable for all ages, especially kids parties.

While these are all important things to consider when planning a birthday event, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the person who it is being held for. The planner must think of what that person would enjoy and what type of event fits the individual’s personality and sense of humour. A wild 21st birthday party, for instance, would not work for someone who is conservative. The entire celebration should be based on the honouree and that will help all of the other pieces fall into place.