Manor Events and Weddings

Manors have set the scenes for picturesque snapshots throughout history, hosting political gatherings, business meetings, and the classic architecture remains popular to this day, staging wedding gatherings, corporate events, and musical festivals. These buildings are so iconic that people sometimes overlook just how dynamic their property can be in portraying the various stages, rooms and set pieces for an assortment of different events.

The spacious design of manors makes them ideal for holding a wedding, while their association with promise and prosperity appeals to the romance of the ceremony itself. It is one of the favoured locations used by the best party planners in the UK. London’s luxury event management planners have manors in their shortlist of venues.

Catering services, wedding photography and professional presentation services add to the romanticism of a fully capable staff abiding to every whim and want. You can hire professional photographers in-house or any reportage and contemporary wedding photographer in the area. You can also shoot your pre wedding photography in the same manor.

Catering is also particularly crucial for both weddings and other events to keep guests happy. Although they may comment on the beautiful surroundings and venue, the question of food will be on every person’ lips. Sometimes the food can be provided by the manor, however professional caterers will always provide excellent and delicious food.

Manor events can also hold concert in scenic areas that are surrounded by gardens, woodlands and other exotic environs, staffed by cooks and musicians and decorated with arrays of sculptures, fountains, dining areas and patios that are maintained to create an unforgettable experience for the bride and the groom, friends, family and guests.

No two manors are alike. Each will boast a different sensory experience, but the majority of the time these venues will offer both indoor and outdoor facilities, lodging, waiting staff and meal preparation. They are outfitted with enough pomp to transform any ceremony into a royal affair that would not look out of place for kings and queens, and this is an important consideration to make when choosing a wedding venue. The romanticism of modern day ceremonies have become the deciding factor on where they are held, creating stiff competition and perfectionism throughout the wedding industry, and manors have always stayed at the lead of the pack.

The beautiful backdrop of the manor will transform your wedding photographs into stunning images that you’ll treasure. We recommend Ray Lowe Studios, wedding photographers in Hertfordshire for their contemporary work.

Events such as live music services are also held, although prospective clients should always check with the manor of their choice for a list of preferred services, pricing and scheduling options. Dealing with this type of venue is different than others, in that many which are private and public are owned by individual entities that do not streamline their services nationwide. Weddings have become so popularised that every major city in the UK is located within driving distance of a manor location, but the services of each location will vary along with the geography.

One of the biggest selling points for this venue is the spacial measurements. Modern manors are often smaller and more affordable than older models, but the expensive ones come prepackaged with their own beautiful flourishes: old fashioned ballrooms, dining rooms, reception halls and a veritable display of chandeliers, mezzanines, fireplaces, hand crafted stairways and rails, and enough architectural grandeur to set the scene for any grand entrance, toast or other focal wedding moment that personalises each and every ceremony into a memory for the ages. No two venues may be alike, but the fine distinctions between each in service and appearance will help every ceremony feel specialised and unique. These differences aren’t bad things, but wedding planners should take the time to familiarise themselves with the buildings in the area and compare the services and locations themselves to find the best fit. Our manors are also perfect for specialised weddings such as traditional Asian ceremonies. There is ample space in our ballrooms for bespoke mehndi stages and wedding mandaps.

In many events, modern day sensibilities have introduced vegan and vegetarian menus into the classical catering, updating the old world into the new and creating a sumptuous clash of age and youth that aesthetically compliments the deepest symbols of marriage unions. It’s no wonder the most important arrangement for any wedding is where that wedding is held; after the photographs have been taken and the ceremony has been concluded, the scenic backdrops will come to the forefront and make a lasting impression on the marriage itself. Manors reflect a great many things, and none of them are unflattering to the romance of true love.

The enormous interior construction allows for hundreds of seating options. Numerous types of these buildings have become so efficient at hosting events that their preparation time is quoted in under two hours, lending services to tight schedules and last minute decisions that so often opt out the more rigorous locations.